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If you would like to examine a live map of FSC-certified forests around the world (including New Zealand) click here

8 Countries have submitted GIS data to the FSC on the Map project.

To find certified forests in New Zealand, select "New Zealand" in the drop down list and then click the "FSC Certified Forest" slider just above the drop down menu. When it goes blue, the screen should pan to New Zealand. You can zoom in for significantly more boundary details.

Please note: this mapping data is updated manually. While it is generally accurate there may be slight amendments to boundaries that are not captured here. If you notice anything amiss please contact the FSC NZ office (c.kenney@nz.fsc.org) and we will endeavour to correct it.

List of Certified Forests in NZ and their License Numbers

Aratu Forests Limited FSC-C020383
City Forests Limited FSC-C008934
Craigpine Timber Limited FSC-C014335
Ernslaw One Limited, South Island Region FSC-C015328
Ernslaw One Limited, North Island Region FSC-C010424
FOREST360 Limited FSC-C153850
Hancock Forest Management NZ Ltd FSC-C013109
Juken New Zealand Ltd FSC-C013648
Lindsay & Dixon Limited FSC-C017000
M&R Forestland Management Limited FSC-C140159
Nelson Management Limited FSC-C074692
Ngāi Tahu Forestry Limited FSC-C007525
NZ Forest Managers Ltd FSC-C007793
Pan Pac Forest Products Ltd FSC-C017103
PF Olsen Ltd FSC-C008844
Port Blakely Limited FSC-C014239
Rayonier New Zealand Limited FSC-C021569
Southland Plantation Forest Company of New Zealand FSC-C008418
Summit Forests New Zealand Ltd FSC-C112972
Tasman Pine Forests Ltd FSC-C132002
Timberlands Limited FSC-C004143
Wairarapa Estate Limited and Southland Estate Limited FSC-C131650
Wenita Forest Products Ltd FSC-C011308

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