FSC Certified Printers

The following list (current at 22nd November 2016) identifies FSC certified printers, by state. The list includes name, FSC License number and location. Where a printer is also a member of FSC International, their name is linked to their website. This is one of the many benefits of FSC membership. To become a member please click here

Allen Calendars - FSC-C109628 - Mt Roskill
Alliance Printers Ltd. - FSC-C116132 - Auckland
Benefitz - FSC-C009228 - Mairangi Bay
Blue Star Group - FSC-C107054 - Auckland
Bright Ideas - FSC-C132732 - Albany, Auckland
Centurion Print Limited - FSC-C014371 - Auckland
Croxley Stationery Limited - FSC-C127070 - Avondale
Graphic Packaging International - FSC-C004360 - Penrose
Image Centre Ltd - FSC-C015806 - Mt Albert
MH Publications Ltd. - FSC-C105553 - Rosedale
Pressprint Limited - FSC-C106982 - Auckland
Print Lounge - FSC-C126789 - Auckland
Rapid Labels - FSC-C112961 - Auckland
Soar Printing Co Ltd - FSC-C089459 - Auckland
SMP Solutions - FSC-C106264 - Auckland

Croxley Stationery Limited - FSC-C127070 - Christchurch
Pakworld Limited - FSC-C008878 - Christchurch
PMP Print - FSC-C107080 - Christchurch

Southern Colour Print- FSC-C102598 - Dunedin

Print House Ltd - FSC-C006750 - Hamilton

Kale Print - FSC-C148014 - Tauranga

Blue Star Group - FSC-C107054 - Wellington

Please note that our ability to update this page is limited - if your company should be listed/updated, please email us at c.kenney at nz.fsc point org

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