FSC trademarks provide a guarantee to consumers that the products they buy come from well managed forests.

FSC trademarks may only be used by organisations or individuals that have obtained authorisation and must be used in compliance with FSC’s trademark standards and guidelines.

The FSC logo, the name Forest Stewardship Council and the acronym FSC are all registered trademarks and there are strict controls on their use.

Only companies holding an FSC Chain of Custody certificate or a Trademark Licence are allowed to promote products as FSC certified with exceptions for media and approved educational use.

FSC certificate holders can be found here:
FSC trademark licence holders can be found here:

How to Report Trademark Misuse:

1) Check the validity of the license code. The first step is to find the FSC license code (in the form FSC-C000000), located at the base of the logo. Enter this into the FSC License Code field of the FSC Certificate Database. After pressing search, this will provide you with information about the company that manufactured the product, the dates of certification, and product scope - if the company is in fact FSC certified.

2) Collect evidence. If the code is invalid, or if it applies to a different product category, please take a picture or make a copy of the misuse, write down the date you found the item, where you found it, as well as any relevant contact information for the source of the misuse.

3) Contact FSC International to report the alleged misuse. Please fill in the form at this page to report alleged misuse of the FSC trademark.

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