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Phil TaylorMore than 1,000 forest managers and 19,000 producers globally have demonstrated their commitment to responsible forest management by having their operations certified to FSC standards. In New Zealand, FSC certificates continue to rise in number, and the amount of FSC certified forest steadily expands - there are currently over 140 FSC certified operations, and over 1,000,000 hectares of FSC certified forests.

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Phil Taylor

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    Using the Logo

    Trademark protectionOur trademarks (Forest Stewardship Council, the acronym FSC and the FSC Logo) are a guarantee to consumers that FSC certified products come from responsible sources, and cannot be used without FSC authorisation.
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    Become a Member

    Become a Member                      Support the System that Supports You

    Do you want to have a real influence on the future of the world’s forests?

    FSC is a democratic organization that is governed by its members.
    The organization is structured so that every member has an equal say in shaping its work. Because of this unique structure, becoming a member offers a fantastic opportunity to have a real influence on forest certification. Our members contribute directly to a upholding a system which ensures that the harvest of forest products is balanced with maintaining the biodiversity, productivity and ecological stability of forests, and that local people get a fair share of the benefits.

    FSC membership shows your commitment to improving the management of the world’s forests. It demonstrates that you believe in achieving the highest environmental and social standards in forestry.

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    Some of the benefits of becoming a Member

    • Take part to FSC International Governance: influence the decisions of the General Assembly and vote to elect the International Board.
    • Get visibility through FSC: we will add your organisation logo to the NZ Website, tell your success story through our Newsletter, share interesting pictures/events/offers on our social media channels.
    • Participate to FSC NZ networking events, conferences and training at a discount price.
    • Get the opportunity to have a FSC representative speak at one of your annual events.

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    Become a Retail Supporter

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    Volunteer with FSC in New Zealand

    VolunteerWe welcome volunteers. As a non-profit organisation, we rely on the goodwill and assistance of those who support the aims and objectives of the FSC. To register your interest in volunteering with FSC in New Zealand, send us an email to c.durand at nz.fsc point org

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