The FSC Trademark Licence

(Non-Certificate Holders)

Who can apply for an FSC Trademark Licence?

Retailers who buy finished, FSC labelled products from an FSC certified company and sell these on, unchanged, to end users may apply to FSC for a trademark licence to enable them to use the FSC trademarks to promote these products. Similarly, organisations that use, but do not sell, FSC certified products within their business can apply for a licence to promote this, e.g. companies who have sourced FSC certified office paper or furniture.

If you do not meet the requirements above e.g. if you label or manufacture products, you will need to hold FSC certification, for more information on FSC certification please click here

Please note - FSC Australia handles trademark service for New Zealand

In more detail

Retailers who are not changing the product in any way and who wish to promote that they sell FSC certified products should download the "Retailers information and application pack" (right), complete the details and email the completed form including checklist to trademarks at au.fsc point org. Applicants are required to provide evidence that the products they wish to promote are FSC certified, and provide mock-ups of the proposed use of the FSC trademarks which complies with the standard.

Be aware that approvals could take AT LEAST ONE WEEK to process.

Educational and Research Organisations:
FSC Australia will need to ensure that any information placed with our trademarks is factually correct.

If the use of the FSC trademarks is for a single use only in a publication, then an application can be submitted to FSC Australia at trademarks at au.fsc point org, by emailing through where the trademarks are to be used. Once the use has been checked, FSC will then provide you with the official trademarks, and a form will need to be signed acknowledging their receipt.

If the FSC trademarks are to be used on an ongoing basis, then a Trademark License Agreement will need to be signed, and a License Code issued. Please download the "Educational and Research Organisations application and information pack" (right)

Consultants and Training Organisations:
Consultants and Training organisations seeking to use the FSC trademarks are required to submit proofs of where the FSC trademarks are to be used. For more information and to apply to use the FSC trademarks, please download the "Consultants, Training Organisations and Investment Organisations Information and Application pack (right)

Media Organisations:
Organisations wishing to use the FSC trademarks for media purposes should contact trademarks at au.fsc point org. It is important that the information written about FSC is factually correct, so please consult FSC Australia prior to publishing to check that the information is correct.

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