On Product Claims and Labels

Information for Certificate Holders

On Product Claims and LabelsPlease note that the only time an FSC label can be applied to a product or an FSC claim can be made on a sales or delivery note is when it is done by an FSC certified company and it relates to one of their FSC certified product groups.  

Information about the steps you need to take to be able to use the FSC trademarks on a product can be found here. If you are already please see below for more information.

Trademark Approvals

Any use of the FSC Logo must be approved, if you are certified this will be carried out by your company's accredited Certification Body, not by FSC directly. Your Certification Body needs to sign off your labels and also any other promotional material you have mentioning FSC, or using our name or logo. 

If you are a retail organisation, educational or research organisation, consultant/training organisation or media you will need to contact FSC directly, for more information please click here 

Where to get an FSC label

Certificate Holder Log inYour FSC accredited certification body will provide you with access details for the FSC Trademark Portal when your company gains certification, allowing you to create and download labels and logos for promotional use.

If you are creating designs that will be printed by an FSC certified printer, the printer will be able to include their FSC label on the final proofs.

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