Unauthorised Use of the FSC Trademarks and Reporting Trademark Abuse

Promotion of the FSC status of an FSC-certified product without a certificate (or by retailers without authority) may constitute an infringement of our trademark.

It is important to note that when it comes to trademarks law, truth is not a defence. A business may legally buy FSC-certified products and sell them, still bearing any labels that were attached. However, promoting the availability of FSC-certified products, while true in one sense, is using our trademark, which may only be done with our authority.

Unauthorised use of our logo may also constitute an infringement of copyright.

Regardless of the size or apparent insignificance of the infringement, FSC pursues all unauthorized use of its trademarks that it becomes aware of using the relevant provisions of the Co-operation Agreement 2007, Copyright Act 1994, trademarks act 2002

Please note - FSC Australia handles trademark service for New Zealand

How to Report a Trademark Misuse:

Email trademarks at au.fsc point org with information about the misuse and include a copy (scan or photograph) of the misuse and make a note of where you found it, the date you found it, and any contact information for the source of the misuse.

Current Authorisations For Promotional Use:

Please note there are numerous businesses in New Zealand that have been granted approval to use the FSC logo in off-product promotions. Before making a trademark infringement claim please check to make sure that business-authorisation number combination is not on the list below. Note that the accompanying authorisation number should appear when FSC trade marks are used and each new use must be approved by FSC.

OfficeMax FSC-N002037
Packaging House FSC-N002233
Premier Hygiene Ltd FSC-N002170
Staples FSC-N002099
Systems Commercial FSC-N002191
The Warehouse and Warehouse Stationery FSC-N002261

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