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Wednesday, 07 March 2018
TetraPak, Protect What’s Good™ with FSC

Tetrapak carton

In June 2017 Tetra Pak celebrated its tenth year of Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Certification. The food packaging and processing multinational is the biggest company to become FSC certified, achieving certification of their supply chains across every one of their 92 facilities and legal entities worldwide.

The environmentally-conscious company continues to lead by example, beginning in 2007 with the introduction of the world’s first FSC-labelled Tetra Pak package. Since then, the number of Tetra Pak cartons bearing the mark of responsible forestry has surpassed to 280 billion!

Tetra Pak’s approach to sustainability reflects the company’s brand promise – to Protect What’s Good™ protecting more than food and their customers’ interests, but also people, communities, and the environment.

Environment Manager for Tetra Pak Oceania, Manjula Murugesan explained why FSC certification and labelling is so important to Tetra Pak and their customers, “The FSC label is a trusted, third-party endorsement. It assures our customers and consumers that the wood and paper products they buy come from forests and communities that are healthy and sustainable. FSC empowers our customers to take direct action to stop deforestation, drive demand for responsible forestry practices, and increase consumer awareness on the importance of their purchasing decisions.”

Manjula praised Tetra Pak’s customers for their commitment to FSC, “In Australia and New Zealand, we use fully FSC-certified packaging and thanks to our customers’ support, as of today 89% of our cartons sold here are FSC-labelled. More and more of our customers recognise that the FSC logo is arguably the best-known badge of recognition for environmentally conscious shoppers. We will keep working with our customers towards 100% FSC labelled packaging.”

Tetra Pak’s approach to responsible sourcing is part of their broader commitment to sustainable practices. The company has set ambitious environmental targets to cap carbon emissions across the value chain to 2010 levels and double global beverage carton recycling rates by 2020. They will continue to drive responsible sourcing using 100% FSC-certified paperboard, and pursue fully renewable packaging.

As Manjula explained, “We are a global company and a major user of paperboard. We recognise that we have an obligation and an opportunity to promote responsible sourcing practices. We are using our size and purchasing power to make sure the world's forests are looked after in a socially, environmentally, and economically sound way.”

FSC Australia and Tetrapak are partnering together to for our upcoming events in Auckland 19th March 2018 and Melbourne 22nd March 2018. Join in to hear more about how FSC can influence sustainable business, for forests for all forever.


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