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Thursday, 01 October 2020
FSC ANZ caught up with one of Australia's leading suppliers of timber products.


Porta Timber

This week we caught up with Porta, one of Australia’s leading suppliers of timber building products, located right here in Melbourne. 

An Australian-owned and operated company, Porta has a rich history spanning over 70 years proudly manufacturing and distributing a broad range of timber products using various local and imported certified timber species. One of the reasons Porta is such a well-regarded business among consumers and builders is their unwavering commitment to sustainability.  

“We have had FSC certification for 10 years now” said Anthony Kerr, Strategic Procurement Manager of Porta. ‘Sustainability is a guiding principal for  Porta.  And we hold our certifications with pride.’  

Cumaru house - portaWhile the requirements to become FSC certified are strenuous and thorough, Porta don’t see achieving certification as an annoying compliance. Rather, they see it as achieving the FSC stamp of approval as an obligation to serving society by preserving and protecting forests both in our own backyard and globally.  

‘As part of my role with Porta, I visit FSC certified forests in various parts of the world where there are competing interests for the use of land. Illegal logging is still a concern in many of these countries, and FSC certification assists in creating a greater value for the forest, which in turn creates a greater incentive to maintain the forest’ said Mr Kerr.  

‘It may seem contradictory, but by harvesting a forest sustainably, we are actually preserving and protecting the forest.’

Porta Cumaru Deck (1)This protection extends to forests overseas as well. A remarkable way a consumer can help contribute to the wellbeing of forests further afield is by purchasing Meranti – a naturally stable and durable hardwood found in Malaysia.  

‘By purchasing FSC certified Meranti, the consumer helps prevent forests in Malaysia from being converted to palm oil plantations by creating a greater return from the land for the local land holders’ said Mr Kerr.  

Click here to learn more about how Porta can help you with your next DIY home project or decorative lining solutions.

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