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Thursday, 01 October 2020
FSC Friday webinar with Woolworths

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Available to FSC corporate members

On FSC Friday Woolworths took part in a webinar to celebrate and learn more about FSC from the Trademarks and Partnerships Manager Patricia Fitzsimons. The webinar was open to all Woolworths staff and consisted of a series of videos and discussion on the history and unique focus of FSC. Attendees posed questions and identified key challenges when it comes to FSC.

Patricia focused on five key areas:

  1. FSC as the original pioneers of forest certification and its three chamber approach to decision making
  2. How FSC makes a difference through its independently verified certification system
  3. The FSC Standards and the 10 FSC Principles on which they are based
  4. Major projects that promote responsible management of the world’s forests
  5. How FSC addresses climate change and seeks to build alliances

Woolworths recently celebrated their own milestone of meeting their 2020 commitment to have all own-brand products containing over 5% paper, pulp, and timber to be independently certified or made of recycled content.

The webinar can be made available to FSC corporate members who would like give their staff an insight into FSC.

Patricia Fitzsimons
Trademarks and Partnerships Manager
E-Mail: p.fitzsimons@au.fsc.org

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