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Thursday, 03 September 2015
Marini Ferlazzo talks about why FSC is important to him

Marini Ferlazzo

FSC Friday Sponsor

Marini Ferlazzo is a Melbourne based artist who specialises in creating beautiful sketches of wildlife. When asked why the wanted to partner with FSC and our FSC Friday Campaign the artist said:

"By working closely with not-for-profit organisations such as the FSC, we are able to gain a better insight into current environmental issues and how they affect the world’s fauna. This enables us to create relevant collections that highlight the plight of a particular species or issue.

My artwork aims to capture the imagination of people in a way that inspires them into active conservation of these species. Every time someone purchases from us they are actively supporting conservation, as a share of all sales is donated to organisations dedicated to protecting wildlife and the environment.

We want to provide an easy way for people to contribute to conservation, so we go to great lengths to create collections that are inspiring and engaging, while ensuring the materials we use have a very low environmental impact.

It’s really fulfilling working with other passionate people! It’s exciting, motivating and there’s a real sense of purpose in everything we create."

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