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Sunday, 04 September 2016
Benefits of FSC for Business with Hygiene Products heavy Weight, Asaleo Care.

asaleo care products

Hear from the Asaleo Care, Why FSC certification is important to their business.

Who is Asaleo Care?

Asaleo Care is a leading Personal Care and Hygiene company. We manufacture, market, distribute and sell essential, everyday consumer products across the Feminine Care, Incontinence Care, Baby Care, Consumer Tissue and Professional Hygiene product categories.

At Asaleo Care, we make it easier for hygiene, health and wellbeing to be part of everyday life. Our portfolio of market-leading brands –Sorbent, Handee, Purex, Libra, Treasures, TENA, Tork, Deeko, Viti and Orchid – are used in households and businesses across Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and a number of other countries in the Pacific.

We hold a multi-site FSC® Chain of Custody (COC) certificate for all our manufacturing sites and trading operations. At the end of 2015, we had 180 different product offerings that were FSC COC certified. They ranged from toilet tissue, hand towels, facial tissue, napkins and nappies and even wooden napkin dispensers.

Why and How FSC is part of your procurement and/or sustainability policy?

Responsible Forestry is a key consideration when sourcing pulp-based raw materials and external finished goods for our operations in Australia, New Zealand and Fiji and is controlled through our Responsible Forestry and Fibre Sourcing Policy.
The policy centres on credible independent certification and third-party verification of Forest Management and COC systems, and we prioritise the FSC certification system, because we believe it improves responsible forestry and reduces the risk of illegal logging.

Why FSC Certification is important to your business?
Asaleo Care is reliant upon sustainable sources of pulp and pulp-based products.

What benefits does FSC certification give your business?

Asaleo Care’s FSC COC accreditation delivers traceable and responsible products to consumers and customers in a transparent and credible way.

We also undertake source of origin due diligence to screen raw materials and products for risk of originating from an illegally logged and/or controversial source. In undertaking due diligence, we review many different documents and sources of information relating to the product and it’s supply chain and have found that the process is simplified and takes much less effort when the goods are FSC certified.

This case study was written as part of #FSCFRIDAY 2016. Join us this year in promoting responsible forestry for business.

Author: Jane Mansfield, Sustainability Manager, Asaleo Care
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