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Thursday, 03 November 2016
Rethinking your packaging strategy?

FSC<sup>®</sup> packaging

Go for an FSC one

Why do we need packaging?

Without it, many of the goods manufactured or grown would be damaged or spoiled before they reached the shops. In some developing countries, as much as 50% of food never reaches consumers.

Food packaging protects and preserves food. A range of materials can be used for packaging, some of which are environmentally friendly. "Sustainability doesn’t start or stop at cleaner, greener packaging. It’s an attitude to environment responsibility that we aim to respect at all times.” Pakworld

In order to use the FSC logo on printed packaging, it must have flowed through the FSC Chain of Custody from the FSC-certified forest, to a manufacturer, merchant, and finally to a printer that has FSC Chain-of-Custody certification.
If you are interested to use responsible packaging for your products you can have a look at the FSC list here.

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