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Monday, 20 March 2017
The relationship between Forests and Energy

International Forests Day 2017

International Day of Forests 2017 March 21st

Forests mean many different things to different people. This years International Day of Forests recognises the connection between forests and energy.

Check out these Forest Facts! Did you know?

Wood energy from the forest is a major source of the world’s renewable energy

Wood provides the world with more energy than solar, hydroelectric or wind power, accounting for roughly 40 percent of current global renewable energy supply. It plays an important role in both developing and in some industrialised countries.

About 50 percent of global wood production (around 1.86 billion cubic meters) is used as energy for cooking, heating, and electricity generation. For 2.4 billion people, wood fuel means a cooked and more nutritious meal, boiled water, and a warm dwelling.

Wood energy is powering economic development

Approximately 883 million people in developing countries are employed in the wood energy sector on a full or part-time basis.

Modernising the wood energy sector can help revitalise rural economies and stimulate enterprise development – greater investment in wood energy production and advanced wood fuels can provide revenue to finance better forest management, more growing forests and more jobs.

Wood and trees support optimal urban living and lower energy bills

Strategically placed trees in urban areas can cool the air by between 2 to 8 degrees C.

Wood energy is mitigating climate change and fostering sustainable development

Globally, forests hold an energy content approximately 10 times that of the world’s annual primary energy consumption. They thus have significant potential as renewable resources to meet global energy demand.

Forests for energy – now and in a future global green economy

Greater investment in technological innovation and in sustainably managed forests is the key to increasing forests’ role as a major source of renewable energy. In this way, we invest in our sustainable future, in meeting several Sustainable Development Goals and in growing a green economy.

Increased areas of sustainably household and community woodlots and the use of clean and efficient wood stoves can give millions more people in developing countries access to cheap, reliable and renewable energy.

Get involved March 21!

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