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Tuesday, 20 June 2017
Ditching Plastic Bags for FSC Certified Paper

Lidl Supermarket – Disposable Lidl plastic bags are about to become a thing of the past (© CREDIT: MARTIN DIVISEK)© CREDIT: MARTIN DIVISEK

During the next year a major European grocery chain will phase out plastic bags for FSC certified paper bags. The choice is mainly due to customer demand for plastic alternatives.

Recently, researchers found an estimated 38 million pieces of plastic waste on an uninhabited island in the Pacific and the pictures shocked the world. Pressure from customers has been helping to persuade supermarkets to provide alternative ways of transporting their goods home.

The supermarket, Lidl, operates over 10,000 stores across Europe. The phase-out starts in September this year and the German chain expects to reduce the number of plastic shopping bags in the world with no less than 10 million (equivalent to 300 tonnes).

Lidl explains the choice of customer engagement in the debate on plastic and with the high demand of responsible alternatives it received in both the stores, on Facebook and in their customer service. It is not only the request of customers who got Lidl to retrace its steps, but the move aligns with the chains CSR policy to reduce its impact on the environment.

By choosing FSC certified paper bags, the supermarket is also protecting our forests, the animals and communities that rely on them too. FSC certification provides a guarantee of responsible forest management and supply chain assurance.

ABC’s recent documentary War on Waste has brought single-use plastic bags to the forefront of public discussion in Australia. FSC Certified paper bags are one solution to the world without single-use plastic bags.

Let your local business or supermarket chain know they can source FSC certified paper bags, that cut down on plastic and ensure forests for all forever.

Want to source FSC certified paper bags for your Business, search our public database or get in contact with us here.

Sources: FSC Denmark, Berlingske & The Guardian

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