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Thursday, 09 November 2017
Well Done Timberlink on FSC Certification for Solid Wood!

Timberlink banner (© Timberlink Australia I New Zealand 2017)© Timberlink Australia I New Zealand 2017

Timberlink transform sustainably grown plantation pine into quality timber products - to make almost anything from a simple pallet to an 8-storey building.

Timberlink believes in the legal, ethical and sustainable sourcing of timber and is a staunch supporter of the forestry certification schemes that provide assurance of this to the market.The organisation’s two Australian mills, Tarpeena in South Australia and Bell Bay in Tasmania, recently achieved FSC certification on solid wood. This is in addition to the FSC certification already held for woodchips.

Timberlink’s Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Ian Tyson, explained that the decision to add to the company’s Australian certifications was made for two main reasons, “Firstly, we only ever use plantation grown Radiata Pine, most of which originates from FSC certified plantations. Secondly, market demand for certified timber has been steadily growing over the last few years, and we wanted to be able to meet our customers’ needs"

With Timberlink’s New Zealand mill in Blenheim already FSC certified, the move to certify its Australian mills also makes Timberlink the only Australasian sawmilling business to hold FSC certification for solid wood products across all its sawmills – providing our customers with one certification across all Timberlink products.

About Timberlink

Timberlink is a leading Australasian timber product manufacturing business. The business has three sawmills at Bell Bay (Tasmania), Blenheim (New Zealand) and Tarpeena (South Australia) that manufacture plantation structural pine products. Timberlink has sales and distribution teams based in Perth, Adelaide, Sydney and Melbourne and sales teams based at the Bell Bay and Blenheim sawmills.

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