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Friday, 22 June 2018
Forest friendly stories from the past year

BeLabelWise FSC 2

Read some of our favourite FSC certified stories from the past year

We love seeing people and organisations stepping up and doing their part for the future of our forests, clean air, and pure water. Here's a few of our favourite stories from those making positive changes, big and small!

1. Allbirds, making shoes out of FSC-certified trees.
Started by Kiwi, Tim Brown, AllBirds is a great story of sustainability and homegrown success. Allbirds started out making shoes out of wool and only recently explored making shoes out of paper. The amazing fibre is FSC certified to keep your feet, and the environment cool.

The material is "comfortable, breathable, and silky-smooth" - and yes, waterproof!

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2. Soil Association Certification, Europe’s first home made entirely from 100% FSC certified timber
Ever since she was a child Signe Wennerberg dreamed of building a house that followed the ethos of FSC. Today, the Soil Association have certified her dream home: Europe’s first home to made of 100% FSC certified timber.

They hope that more homebuilders will follow Signe’s example as a route to sustainable living.
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3. Be Label Wise, eco labels coming together to enourage ethical shopping
FSC, Fairtrade South Africa, Fair Trade Tourism, and the Marine Stewardship Council came together to create the Be Label Wise campaign. The campaign educates shoppers on how to identify products that will help put an end to unfair treatment of workers and unsustainable environmental practices.

Through Be Label Wise ordinary people see that their decision to buy ethical can have a positive impact on the people, animals, and the environment.
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4. Tork, teaching the next generation about sustainability
To help primary school teachers educate the next generation about the importance of sustainability to every aspect of our lives, Tork have sponsored the launch of the Future Generations program.

Tork partnered with FSC Australia and Deakin University to develop a range of free lesson plans that bring sustainability into the classroom in creative and engaging ways.
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