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Wednesday, 30 November 2016
Australian Pesticide Derogations 2016


FSC International Pesticides Committee Decision

On 24 November 2016, the FSC International Pesticides Committee made a final decision on the pesticide derogation applications submitted by Australian FSC certificate holders.

The Committee concluded the following:

  • Approved with conditions a derogation to use Sodium Fluoroacetate (1080) to control: European Fox (Vulpes vulpers), FeralCats (Felis catus), Wild Dog (Canis familiaris), Wild pig (Susscrofa), Rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus) (Western Australia only) and Pale Field Rat (Rattus tunneyi var culmorum) (Queensland only)
  • Approved with conditions a derogation to use Amitrole to control various grasses and broadleaved weeds
  • Approved with conditions a derogation to use Alpha-Cypermethrin to control a range of herbivorous insects including; Chrysomelid leaf beetles (Paropis spp. And Paropsisterna spp.), Weevils (Gonipterus spp.), Shot hole miner (Perthisa spp.), Gumleaf skeletoniser (Urabalugens ), Cup moth (Doratifera spp.), Sawfly’s (Perga spp.), Scarab beetles (Heteronyx spp., Liparetrusspp., Cadmus spp.), Christmas beetles (Anoplognathus spp.) and Autumn gum moth (Mnesampelaprivata)
  • Rejected a derogation to use Fipronil to control European wasp (Vespula germanica)

Further details on the process, stakeholder summary reports and conditions for use for sodium fluoroacetate, amitrole and alpha-cypermethrin, and reasons for rejecting fipronil’s application are available here - […].

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