National Standard for Certification of Plantation Forest Management in New Zealand

Consultation on the Draft Revised National Standard for Certification of Plantation Forest Management in New Zealand is open.

The consultation period has been extended until January 13th of 2017 at 5pm. Both the consultation draft and the approved/operative standard can be found and downloaded on the right side of this page. Please note the pre-amble in the draft provides background information on the revisions process and we suggest you read this before reviewing the suggested indicators.

How to Provide Feedback
This is an open process and anyone can provide feedback individually or on behalf of an organisation. There are three options to provide feedback as follows:

Option 1 – Use the Transfer Matrix on the right side of this page that provides the FSC Principle and Criteria and FSC International Generic Indicator with the NZ FSC Standard Development Group’s (SDG) suggested changes. The matrix also provides a rationale for the SDG’s recommendations and a column for stakeholder feedback. The matrix is an excel spreadsheet and the first sheet provides basic instructions.

Option 2 – Use the feedback form provided on the right side of this page (please note that you will have to convert any attached document in pdf format).

Option 3 – Send comments in an e-mail. Please note this not a preferred option but may be suitable for short feedback directed at one or two indicators only.

Your comments and feedback should be sent to FSC NZ via the contact response form here where you can attach a file. Please ensure you state who you represent and which chamber you are best represented by (Economic, Environment, Maori, Social). Anonymous submissions will be accepted but are not required to be taken into account by the SDG.

Next Step

Once submissions have closed the SDG will engage a contractor to collate the feedback. The SDG will then meet to consider and amend the draft where relevant. Depending on the amount of feedback and amendment the SDG may decide to enter another round of public consultation. In either case the SDG aims to produce a final version for FSC approval by July 2017.

If you have any questions relating to the document or process please contact FSC NZ using Your e-mail will then be forward to your chamber representative or the NZ Standard Development Group chair for consideration.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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