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Public consultation is also open for the following processes:

Stakeholders are invited to provide their feedback on forest management audits.

Please see below the list of upcoming audits for FSC Forest Management Companies in 2020 in New Zealand.

1st of February: Ernslaw One Limited, South Island Region. This will be a surveillance audit conducted by SCS

1st of March: Wairarapa Estate Limited and Southland EstateLimited. This will be a reevaluation audit conducted by SGS

16th of March: Ngāi Tahu Forestry Limited. This will be a surveillance audit conducted by SGS

If you would like your feedback to be considered for the audit, please contact the company's certification body in advance. As per FSC requirements, any comments provided will remain completely confidential.

Update of the FSC Global Strategic Plan 2021-2026

Welcome to the Public Consultation for the first draft of the FSC Global Strategic Plan (2021–2026)

In this video introduction, Hans Djurberg, Chair of the FSC International Board, explains the most relevant elements of the process to develop the first draft of the Global Strategic Plan (2021–2026).

In 2014, the FSC International Board of Directors received the mandate from the General Assembly to develop the FSC Global Strategic Plan for 2015–2020. It has been instrumental in defining the priorities and direction for FSC since coming into effect in 2015. But now we need your feedback on updating this guidance – for the next five years of the Global Strategic Plan starting in 2021. With your help on the next version of this‘living’ document, we can guide FSC towards helping to create a future of Forests For All Forever.

The present draft of the updated Global Strategic Plan(2021–2026) has been developed by the Board and is now for feedback from the FSC membership and stakeholders in this first public consultation. The results from your feedback will be used by the Board to update the draft, and we then expect a second public consultation to happen in 2020.

Finally, an advanced version of the Global Strategic Plan(2021–2026) will be presented to the full membership for discussion at the FSC General Assembly in October 2020. It is expected that the final plan will then be approved by the FSC International Board at the end of 2020

This public consultation is open for 70 days and will be used to collect stakeholders’ feedback on a series of questions about the first draft. FSC encourages all interested stakeholders to participate and to give their input during this period. Your feedback will be critical to the success of updating the Global Strategic Plan for 2021–2026

• It is not mandatory to respond to all the questions. You may want to choose the sections that are most important/relevant to you.
• If you are not interested in responding to specific sections of the draft text, you can skip them and go to the General Feedback section at the end.

You can save your current progress and edit your responses right up until you submit the survey for analysis. You can return to edit your responses at any time before the close of the consultation period. The estimated time to complete all question items is 60 minutes.

Thank you in advance for your participation. We hope you will take this opportunity to share your opinions and suggestions.

If you have any questions, please contact Anakarina Pérez Oropeza, Strategic Development Advisor: a.perezoropza at fsc point org

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FSC Advice Note on Addressing Deliberate False Claims and FSC Procedure on Calculating Financial Penalty/Compensation Fee and Processing Evidence for Blocked Organizations

All stakeholders are invited to comment on the draft of the FSC advice note on addressing deliberate false claims. In addition to the advice note, FSC has developed a procedure for the calculation of the financial penalty/compensation fee and when an organization chooses to rebut the false claim.

The deadline for commenting is 17 February 2020.

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